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“A journey through sustainable technology highlights the harmonious dance between humans and technology, inspiring us to rethink the pulse of the city while outlining a future blueprint for economic benefits and green sustainability.”


OwlsomeTech had the privilege of visiting Tallinn GreenTech Week, a grand gathering of the world’s most innovative green technologies and sustainable development solutions. Besides being the European Green Capital, Tallinn transformed into the World GreenTech Capital from November 13 to 17. The TALLINN NEXPO showcased the most innovative ideas from Europe, Asia, and the United States.


Tallinn GreenTech Week aims to promote green innovation, sustainable development, and environmentally friendly technological applications. By presenting the latest technologies and solutions, participants collectively discussed how to address global environmental challenges and promote the application of green technology in various fields.

Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart of Tallinn stated that TALLINN NEXPO is the flagship event of the European Green Capital 2023 project, bringing the latest and most innovative green technologies from around the world to Estonia. Kõlvart said, “Sharing best practices and cutting-edge ideas among green tech experts, businesses, and researchers will foster collaboration, a key element in building a more sustainable future.” He added that countries worldwide are seeking ways to reduce environmental footprints by enhancing the sustainability of transportation and energy infrastructure while nurturing greener urban spaces. “Therefore, TALLINN NEXPO is an excellent place to discover the most innovative green solutions that Estonia can adopt and draw inspiration from!”

“How can cosmic muon radiation be utilized to assess the condition of buildings? How does the cosmetics industry use oils produced from residues of forests, agriculture, and the food industry? What does it feel like to travel in an autonomous vehicle? How will future laboratories grow meat products? Answers to these questions and many others can be found at TALLINN NEXPO,” commented Teele Joost, the chief coordinator of the event. She added that the exhibition provided a range of exciting discoveries and practical activities for families.


Efficiency in the Elevator Industry, Following the Green City Path

As pioneers in the field of smart elevators, we will continue to draw inspiration from Tallinn’s sustainable development philosophy and integrate more innovative technologies into our products. We firmly believe that digital transformation, smart applications, local upgrades, and sustainable care are the core directions for our continued development. These principles are not only reflected in our product designs but also permeate every aspect of our business operations.

Green Cities as Future Development Indicators

sharing and collaborating on green technology – Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart

The integration of environmental protection and sustainable development concepts into urban spaces is deeply rooted in every corner. This has prompted us to reflect on how we can participate in making cities greener and more livable. At TALLINN NEXPO, we witnessed solutions in various fields for green innovation. Similar to Mayor Mihhail Kõlvart’s emphasis on “sharing and collaborating on green technology” as a key to building a more sustainable future, we also agree and continue to strive to incorporate suitable technology and interdisciplinary integration into elevator systems, progressing towards the ideal of a green city.

In this visit, we deeply felt the crucial role that smart elevators play in the construction of green cities. Through digital transformation and smart applications, our elevator systems are not just traditional means of transportation but also intelligent nodes in urban life.

Where Future Opportunities Lie

Environmental Sustainability:

We will continue efforts to enhance the energy efficiency of elevators, reducing energy consumption to address challenges in urban energy sustainability.

Smart Applications:

Through smart applications, our elevator systems will become more intelligent and efficient, providing users with a more comfortable and convenient travel experience.


We will deeply integrate big data and artificial intelligence technologies to provide smarter elevator operation and maintenance solutions through data analysis.

TALLINN NEXPOThis trip to Tallinn has reinforced our belief that green technology and sustainable development are future trends. We look forward to incorporating the experience from Tallinn into Soaring Intelligence’s development strategy and contributing to the creation of a greener future for cities with more efficient and intelligent elevator systems.

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Image Source: NEXPO Tallinn
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