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Taiwan is grappling with the challenges of an aging population, and the demand for intelligent solutions in healthcare facilities, especially regarding elevators, is becoming increasingly urgent. Riding this wave of transformation, major elevator manufacturers have introduced a variety of smart solutions. Notably, Taipei Veterans General Hospital, a prominent healthcare institution, has embraced the trend of smart healthcare by initiating a comprehensive plan to upgrade both old and new elevators. This move underscores the shift towards intelligent elevator systems as an integral part of enhancing the quality of healthcare services.


Image Source:Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Hospitals’ demand for elevator intelligence is not only geared towards performance improvement but also aims to implement a safer riding environment.

As the proportion of elderly individuals rises, healthcare institutions, serving as primary caregivers, are experiencing a growing need for smart elevator solutions. In the case of Taipei Veterans General Hospital, the smart dispatching system for elevators, utilizing automatic crowd detection and an AI-driven group control dispatching system, has successfully evacuated crowds, reduced wait times, and integrated with epidemic prevention measures, showcasing the genuine need for elevator intelligence in healthcare institutions.


Image Source:Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Smart Solutions Offered by Elevator Manufacturers

Several elevator giants have invested in the development of smart elevators, aiming to provide users and building managers with more intelligent and secure elevator experiences. In the case of the elevator replacement project at Taipei Veterans General Hospital, Hitachi Yungtay Elevator’s EPASS solution stands out by offering flexible and diverse options. With a foundation in “human-centric transportation,” the system employs AI technology, combined with big data and cloud services, establishing a remote monitoring center with over 5000 elevator data points. This ensures 24/7 monitoring, enhancing the safety net of elevator operations with informational support.


 Outstanding Advantages of Flexibility Aligned with Needs:

Amidst the efforts of major elevator manufacturers to integrate intelligence into entirely new elevator systems, Olwsome Tech stands out with its “plug-and-play” system. Unlike other brands, our innovative, external system allows for intelligent upgrades without the need to replace the entire elevator. This not only applies to elevators of various brands and models but also emphasizes our commitment to the democratization of elevator intelligence.

owlsome tech elevator smart system

United Nations SDGs’ sustainable urban indicators have become the guiding principles for the next phase of development in modern cities. Smooth vertical transportation is poised to be the final piece in the puzzle of smart buildings. As Taiwan’s medical institutions enter a new era of intelligence, various sectors are diligently propelling this transformation, witnessing the perfect integration of smart healthcare and intelligent elevators. We are increasingly confident that our direction is on the right path. With its outstanding plug-in system, Olwsome Tech not only meets the practical needs of hospitals but also breaks through the limitations of upgrades, bringing forth new possibilities for smart elevators. We aspire to be key catalysts in driving this transformation, believing that numerous institutions will enthusiastically embrace the wave of smart elevators, providing a safer and more intelligent elevator experience for medical institutions in Taiwan.

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