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Embracing the global wave of intelligence, Owlsome Tech proudly announces its partnership with Exosite! This groundbreaking collaboration aims to provide customers with more advanced and intelligent services.

Ready-Made IIoT Solutions: Owlsome Tech Collaborates with Exsosite

Ready-Made IIoT Solutions: Owlsome Tech Collaborates with Exsosite

Exosite, a leading figure in the Internet of Things (IoT) field, has garnered the trust of global customers through its robust platform and professional technical expertise. Owlsome Tech, renowned for its excellence in elevator intelligence, brings its exceptional performance to the forefront. This collaboration will harness the strengths of both parties to offer users a more comprehensive and intelligent IoT solution.Owlsome Tech Collaborates with Exsosite

Owlsome Tech Collaborates with Exsosite

The core advantage of this collaboration lies in the deep integration into smart elevators. Leveraging Exosite’s rich IoT platform, Owlsome Tech’s LiFTMiND will become more flexible and intelligent. From remote monitoring to data analysis, from safety management to performance enhancement, our collaboration will make significant strides in the field of intelligent elevators. Emphasizing diverse and flexible integration in technology, addressing the comprehensive needs of building owners, and management entities, we will integrate everything into a unified platform, making management more convenient. Together, we will assist enterprises in achieving more efficient and sustainable operational models, providing users with a smarter and safer usage experience.

Elevator Intelligent Management InterfaceElevator Intelligent Management Interface

Tech Integration for Comprehensive Solutions


This marks a new era of collaboration, and Owlsome Tech looks forward to advancing the frontier of intelligent elevator technology through this partnership. Not only will it make future travels more convenient and intelligent, but it will also bring a different level of enhancement in management.

Currently, hundreds of companies are participating, accelerating the success of enterprises through IoT connectivity. The benefits of this collaboration include saving funds through efficient workflows, reducing energy consumption, and optimizing and simplifying processes to create services with higher value.

The driving force behind this collaboration goes beyond technology; it stems from a shared pursuit of innovation. Exosite’s diversified platform provides users with great flexibility, propelling LiFTMiND to new heights in its application in intelligent elevators. We will fully leverage the strengths of both parties to create an open, intelligent environment for smart buildings.

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