LiFTMiND Link Your Mind 

LiFTMiND Link Your Mind 

LiFTMiND Link Your Mind 

Smart Elevator System 

Smart Elevator System 

Smart Elevator System 

Elevating Brilliance

LiFTMiND is a specialized solution for elevator AIoT applications, designed to enhance the efficiency of both current and future elevator systems. By connecting elevators to Internet applications, LiFTMiND empowers elevator service providers and building managers to seamlessly integrate elevator systems into their smart management solutions. This integration not only significantly enhances elevator safety but also reduces operational costs by harnessing the full potential of internet-enabled capabilities. Moreover, LiFTMiND's AI capabilities enable elevators to operate with optimal efficiency, adapting to the specific requirements of the building site and reducing transportation inefficiencies.

In the rapidly evolving urban landscape, elevators are emerging as pivotal components of urban infrastructure. Embrace LiFTMiND now to spearhead the development of smart elevator products and secure a prominent position in the future market.

“Mastering Data, Crafting a Sustainable Future.”

Lift up efficiency, availability and service quality.

Can older elevators also be retrofitted?

LiFTMiND is compatible with elevators from various brands and types. Through a simple connection to the standard elevator control interface, LiFTMiND can seamlessly convert existing elevators into AIoT-based smart elevators on-site while ensuring the elevator's safety remains intact. LiFTMiND has been successfully implemented in over five different elevator brands, including international ones, without any impact on the original elevator structure or services.

What sets our product apart from competitors?

While many smart elevator solutions focus on specific aspects of the problem, LiFTMiND takes a comprehensive approach, harnessing the full potential of data. LiFTMiND doesn't just offer AI and IoT capabilities; it centers its efforts on gathering a wide range of data types, such as images, voice, movement, and more, into a unified data analysis platform. From this wealth of data, LiFTMiND generates precise and innovative applications tailored to various building types and unique requirements.

Benefits for elevator users, owners and operators

Adopting an elevator smart upgrade system delivers benefits such as enhanced safety, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced user satisfaction. It also promotes energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and data-driven operational management.

  1. Enhanced Safety:  Ensures passenger safety with advanced features like earthquake warnings and emergency stops.
  2. Optimized Efficiency: Real-time monitoring and occupancy detection of the smart upgrade system minimize stops, improving operational efficiency.
  3. Improved User Experience: User-friendly interface, information displays, and multi-language options enhance the elevator experience, increasing customer satisfaction.
  4. Energy Efficiency: Optimizes elevator operations, reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Elevator Cloud Management Platform: Elevating Your Experience

Real-time Information

Our cloud-based management platform offers real-time elevator boarding information, providing users with instant access to the status of each elevator. This includes details such as the direction of travel, door opening and closing, and non-stop operation when the elevator is full.

Cloud-based Dashboard

On the backend, administrators have the capability to monitor the elevator's operational data in real-time. This includes tracking passenger flow, operating time, and occupancy rates. Furthermore, our platform provides remote control functionality, allowing administrators to remotely monitor and control elevator operations. This feature enables quick responses to any issues or emergencies that may arise.

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