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Recently, OwlsomeTech was invited to participate in the Disaster Prevention Exhibition organized by the Taiwan Disaster Prevention Association, the Fire Department, and the National Center for Research on Earthquake Engineering. The event brought together professionals and leading companies from various industries to explore the latest technologies and solutions for earthquake disaster preparedness. As the sole company providing protection for elevators during earthquakes, OwlsomeTech’s exhibition drew considerable attention from the audience.

拾食防災 時時防災,國家防災頒獎典禮暨複合式地震速報說明會

National Disaster Prevention Award Ceremony

The theme of the event was the “National Disaster Prevention Award Ceremony and Briefing on Compound Earthquake Early Warning(NCREE).” The collaboration among the three entities covered various aspects, including civilian promotion, product certification, and technological applications, aiming for comprehensive disaster prevention. The Disaster Prevention Industry Association also promoted its “Disaster Prevention Commodity Certification Mark” and recognized outstanding achievements with the “Disaster Prevention Technology Application Excellence Award,” aligning with the government’s vision to enhance public awareness of autonomous disaster prevention and rescue.


LiftMind – The elevator solution for earthquake disaster preparedness

Earthquake Disaster Solutions:

At the exhibition, OwlsomeTech showcased our intelligent elevator system, a unique solution for earthquake disaster preparedness. Our system can automatically execute emergency procedures when an earthquake occurs, swiftly and safely transporting passengers to the nearest floor to ensure smooth evacuation. This innovative technology, presented as the only company assisting elevators in earthquake disaster prevention, utilizes advanced sensing technology and real-time data analysis to automatically initiate emergency procedures before an earthquake, reducing the risk for passengers. Additionally, in the event of entrapment due to a strong quake, we can provide remote video monitoring of elevator occupants and facilitate relevant rescue efforts. Through collaboration with the NCREE, equipped with our system can receive earthquake signals in real-time, enabling rapid and effective response measures.


Collaboration with the NCREE – LiftMind elevator smart system can receive earthquake signals in real-time

Taiwan is recognized by the World Bank as one of the most disaster-prone areas globally, facing typhoons, earthquakes, and landslides annually. In response, Fire Department Director Huan-Zhang Xiao emphasized the limited resources of the government and the need for both businesses and citizens to maintain appropriate vigilance and actively prepare for disasters. The National Disaster Day series of activities, conducted annually through collaboration between the public and private sectors, aims to continually raise public awareness of disaster prevention to enhance resilience during critical moments.



National Disaster Prevention Award Ceremony

Life-oriented disaster prevention

Highlighting the achievements of various entities, the exhibition not only featured the Fire Department’s “Fire Disaster Prevention e-Point App” but also showcased disaster prevention products and certified services promoted by the Disaster Prevention Industry Association. One of the exhibition’s objectives was to strengthen cohesion between local government disaster management units and private organizations, fostering recognition of disaster prevention work. The goal is to integrate the DNA of disaster prevention into various aspects of daily life and implement the concept of “life-oriented disaster prevention.” Through our collaboration with the NCREE, the infusion of innovative smart technology into local disaster prevention work gains deeper collaborative significance. Particularly as people increasingly prioritize the safety of their lives, this integration not only embeds the disaster prevention more deeply in people’s minds but also demonstrates the achievements of public-private collaboration.


The exhibition provided an outstanding platform for businesses from different fields and the public to exchange ideas. Using board games, delicious snacks, and captivating disaster novels, the event aimed to raise awareness of disaster prevention in an enjoyable manner. We view this experience as an opportunity to share our innovative technology for earthquake disaster preparedness and emphasize the importance of life safety. With the continuous advancement of technology, we look forward to future collaborations and contributions to the ongoing efforts in the field of disaster prevention.


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